Eric Mayson

Eric Mayson - RiverRock Music Group Artist

Photo by Tyler Allix


Eric Mayson burst onto the music scene with his critically acclaimed first solo effort, “Detail,” released September 4, 2015. Having worked with Caroline Smith, Lizzo, Doomtree, Crunchy Kids and Toki Wright and Big Cats, Eric Mayson had already performed and recorded with some of the most important artists on the Minneapolis music scene before releasing his first solo work. “Detail” is a collage of sonic influences from his many collaborations. Mayson’s multi-instrumental skills bring diverse and organic elements to his sound, with hip-hop rhythm, moody electronics, deep bass and drums, and harmonically complex, layered vocals. On “Detail,” released as a 40-minute cassette tape with only one track break, Mayson’s music defies genre, gliding seamlessly between hip-hop, indie rock, pop, and neo-soul, giving rise to high-energy live shows featuring a number of dancers and singers from the Minneapolis dance and arts communities.

The release of “Detail” earned him a place on the Star Tribune’s list of the best new bands or solo acts of 2015, a set in First Avenue’s Best New Bands of 2015 show and was ranked #3 in City Pages’ 2015 Picked to Click tally.


“Mayson, 27, is something of a jack-of-all-trades musical wunderkind…Detail, which was released by RiverRock Music Group, is a potent mixture of atmospheric soul, experimental hip-hop, and trippy R&B that showcases Mayson’s diverse and lush sonic palette.” -Raghav Mehta, City Pages, 3rd place Picked to Click 2015

“A sweet falsetto and soft romantic side that keep even ethereal jams such as “Skyline” down to earth.” -Chris Riemenschneider, #6 on Star Tribune’s list of the best albums of 2015

One of the best new solo acts of 2015, Chris Riemenschneider, Star Tribune

“‘Detail’ is another masterpiece in Minneapolis’ growing neo-soul and hip-hop scene that has helped put the city on the national radar.” -Grant Tillery, MN Daily

“Mayson’s first solo album, ‘Detail,’ is indeed very serious, and scary good…An ambitious sonic collage of psychedelic R&B grooves, experimental hip-hop and straight-up sexy pop tunes with Mayson’s smooth but piercing voice out front.” -Chris Riemenschneider, Star Tribune

“[Detail] plays like a well-curated mixtape, fluidly blending Mayson’s wide-ranging creative style — which stretches from minimalist electropop to smooth R&B, progressive soul, and straight hip-hop — while also drawing clear inspiration from J Dilla’s innovative beats as well as the impressive array of artists he’s worked with along the way…It’s the work of a talented, inspired musician who has been striving his whole life to make something that sounds precisely like this, while also managing the rare artistic feat of not sounding quite like anything else in the process.” -Erik Thompson, The Current’s Local Current Blog

“Normally, it takes an artist an album or two or three to figure things out and find their confidence, especially when they are bringing together such a unique combination of influences as Mayson is on ‘Detail.’ The way in which it all coheres and sounds so confident, unique, and personal is absolutely remarkable. Make some time for this album.” -Chi Chi Thalken, Scratched Vinyl

“It’s time we all got much better acquainted with Eric Mayson…['Capital'] channels the unhinged side of artists like Bilal and Kimbra. It’s a prog-soul track with a hip-hop spine wearing the knowing grin of great pop music. It’s surprising and satisfying and never stops building and was produced at a quality that we rarely hear from the snowy land of 10,000 lakes.” -Scott Heins, Capital Okayplayer track premiere

“‘Capital’ is a heavily hip-hop and R&B-influenced number with crisp yet resonant drums, catchy and layered vocals, and swaggering electronic sampling. ‘Flatspin’ follows suit.” -Kristoffer Tigue, City Pages