Eric Mayson and Sarah Morris Are First Artist to Join RiverRock Music Group

Eric Mayson and Sarah Morris Sign on as RiverRock Music Group’s First Artists

We are incredibly excited to announce Minnesota musicians Eric Mayson and Sarah Morris have signed on as RiverRock Music Group’s very first artists!

RiverRock Music Group was born on a road trip this past August. Head engineer and co-owner of Minneapolis recording studio RiverRock Studios Eric Blomquist was moving his brother Dave and sister-in-law Linnea from Brooklyn, NY back to Minneapolis and the conversation in the Budget truck turned to how tough it is for new artists to manage all the work of creating great new music while simultaneously promoting themselves and their career. Then the three of us, with experience in music recording, engineering, publicity, marketing and business strategy wondered if we could do anything about that. A couple hours later, RiverRock Music Group was born.

We are pumped to be helping people make music in a city with such an amazing music scene, and we are honored to have Eric Mayson and Sarah Morris as our inaugural artists. Eric Mayson is a brilliant, multitalented singer and instrumentalist who brings an organic sound to his music, with hip-hop rhythm, moody electronics, deep bass and drums, and harmonically complex, layered vocals. In 2015 he will be launching his solo career – watch for new music from Eric Mayson coming soon. Sarah Morris is a dynamic singer with a country-inflected songwriting voice who honed her craft in Nashville and is established in the Twin Cities.

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Banner Photo Credits
Far left of Eric Mayson: Peter Jamus
Center of Sarah Morris: Corina Bernstein
Top right of Sarah Morris: Corina Bernstein
Bottom right of Eric Mayson: Alexander Young

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